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About Santa Teresa

Once a laidback town, Santa Teresa became a booming travel destination in Costa Rica amongst locals and foreigners. This small beach village draws young surfers and beach bums who are searching for pristine waters, relaxing view, and world-class surfing spot that also offers a variety of side activities.

Santa Teresa boasts of a year-round consistent off-shore winds and swells that attract novice to seasoned surfers across the globe. In fact, a lot of visitors learned their first surfing lessons in Santa Teresa.

Guests flock the beach town all-year, but if you are an expert surfer who’s in for huge waves and numerous barrels to ride, the best time to visit Santa Teresa is during the “green season”.This is actually the time of the year from May to December where the tropical rainy season is present.

When it comes to scenery, Santa Teresa certainly wows any visitor. The absence of high-rise buildings and the presence of lush forest frames keeps it breathtaking. While a spike in tourist influx and construction and development are noticeable, Santa Teresa maintains it pristine waters and clean, long strip of white sand perfect for reading a good book under the sun, day picnic, watching surfers, or simply getting a beautiful tan. Moreover, what remains interesting about this destination is the fact that you are like finding a hidden treasure. You need to traverse a potholed, dusty road to see such a rewarding sight, which spells extra adventure of course.

If you think that surfing is the only reason why Santa Teresa should be included in your bucket list, you will actually be surprised to know that you can do a great deal of activities like ATV riding, sportsfishing, scuba diving, nature hiking, snorkeling, horseback riding, canopy tours, and a visit to its equally-amusing neighboring communities. During the peak season, which runs from December to March, Santa Teresa transforms into an world-class party destination featuring international DJs and numerous nightlife fun. Think about an exotic getaway with a dash of party life where you can dance your worries and stress away for an adventure of a lifetime. You’ll surely have loads of exciting stories to tell back home.

Accommodation is also something that guests don’t worry about. Santa Teresa’s multicultural residents and business owners offer a wide-range of lodging options such as homestays, surfhostels, and even plush hotels. You also get to delight your tastebuds with both local and international cuisine in different restaurants across the beach town.

Oh, and did we mention that you can stay connected 24/7 because most accommodations,cafes, and restaurants offer free WiFi? Santa Teresa, along with Mal Pais, is among the firsts to recipients of glass fibre Internet connection with speeds of up to 100Mbps. Now, this means that you can capture unlimited photos and shoot live videos that you can share on your social media accounts real-time. All these and more makes Santa Teresa your best choice of tropical vacation spot.